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Nov 29, 2012

To celebrate the official launch of Right Now Radio on Triple R, we screened "You'd Sing Too", a short film by Sian Darling and recorded a podcast at Loop bar with a live and lively audience!  Ben and Rach speak to Right Now's new Chair of the board and "lawyer to the people" Lizzie O'Shea about her current matter fighting on behalf of indigenous landowners against the government's plans to put a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station.  Ben and Rach also chat to RNR's very own arts reporter Evelyn Tadros about all things arts and human rights as well as how to sneak into sold out concerts! 

Finally, as an extra special treat, Evelyn Tadros interviews Okka, an Indonesian poet, performer and inclusive arts advocate about her poetry and the importance of artists who have a disability to be afforded equal opportunities in the arts industry.  And for the cherry on top, Okka performs one of her poems for us.