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Dec 15, 2018

Einstein A Go Go – 9th December 2018

Dr Euan, Dr Jen and Kris KP & Dr Shane

First guest: Robert Kurson, BA philosophy from the University of Wisconsin and a law degree from Harvard Law School. Author of award winning Rocket Man. The story of the Apollo 8 mission, which was responsible for the ‘earth rise’ photo.

Second guest: Dr Laura Osellame, Postdoctoral Fellow School of Molecular Science, College of Science, Health and Engineering | La Trobe University. Cancer-cachexia is a metabolic syndrome that is characterised by muscle and fat loss and observed in up to 50% of cancer patients. Cancer-cachexia is responsible for up to 25% of cancer related deaths. There are currently no FDA approved drugs in the clinic to combat this disease, rather palliation of symptoms and reduction of stress is offered to both patients and carers.

Science News: Ménage à trois among sugar gliders affecting the Swift Parrot. Eel in the Seal, analyisng the colour of the nailbed to test for anaemia, use your phone camera to test your remote coltrol, China to probe the dark side of the moon.

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