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Jun 29, 2014

Dr Shane, Dr Dyani, Dr Lauren and Chris KP bring you the week's hot science: athletes (and monkeys) on a streak, contagious social media moods and the ethics of studying usage, neanderthal poo, the effects of concussion during sports and how LEDs work and how they're appearing in more & more places.

The team talk to Johanna Fraser, postdoctoral researcher at the Monash University School of Biomedical Sciences. Johanna is a virologist, and has a keen interest in understanding how viruses interact with infected cells. She is particularly interested in dengue virus, and developing antiviral drugs that inhibit dengue virus replication.

Then, the crew talk to Rob Moodie, Professor of Public Health at the Melbourne School of Population Health, University of Melbourne, about tobacco culture persisting in various parts of the world.

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