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Jun 25, 2017

In the studio this week are Dr. Linden, Dr. Lauren II, Dr. Ray and Dr Shane.

News: Cowherd Mathematics, Global risk of deadly heatwave events, The shape of eggs, Coronal mass solar ejections and thanks to listener Guy on the discussion around the use of CO2 capture discussion.

The First guest (in the studio) is Professor Brian Smith, Head of the School of Molecular Sciences, Latrobe University who talks about molecular modelling.

The Second Guest (in the studio) is Saskia Freytag, Researcher at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research who talks about how she started in mathematics and her research analysing big data relating to gene expression in the post-mortem brain.

More News: Comparing modern blue-green algae with 100 year old blue-green algae and the origin of deadly viruses (to humans).

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