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Oct 28, 2011

 This week on the Breakfasters…

Artistic Director Sophie Lampel talked about her current production, A Stranger In Town, which was inspired by recordings of the musical diaries of her Czech grandfather Otto Lampel.  Jess' English housemate, Robin, called in and demonstrated his new-found fluency of the "Orstrayan" language.  Rachel Ball from Liberty Victoria dropped by to discuss the recent protests that have been staged in the City Square and the reaction from the Melbourne City Council. Sean 'The Birdman' Dooley was on hand to answer questions in his monthly "Squawkback" segment;  and this week's "Touch My History" segment featured the author of Dragon Keeper, Carole Wilkinson, who chatted about dragons and how they feature in Melbourne.

We hope you enjoy this podcast of the Best of the Breakfasters!