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Aug 31, 2011

To start off today's Best Music Interviews, we have Incoming's Tim Shiel chatting to Justin Heazleood aka The Bedroom Philosopher about Liner Notes, an event as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival that pays tribute to seminal music albums. This year, it's INXS' sixth studio album and the one that lauched them into the worldwide stratosphere, Kick.

Then keeping in line with the Melbourne Writers Festival vibe, Off The Record's Brian Wise talks to Simone Felice of NYC's The Felice Brothers about his debut novel Black Jesus as well as his upcoming trip to Melbourne to be part of Lyrical, a show and tell night with Laura Jean and Kim Salmon

To wrap up today's interviews, we have Dirty Three guitarist Mick Tuner talking about guitar solos that changed his life on Musicology, Jacinta Parsons specialist music segment on Detour