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Aug 31, 2012

This was the RRR Radiothon show, so this is a potted podgekast. It includes Stew and Larry coming up with their own Radiothon themes, all of which were rejected by the station, and the two regular (and regularly disappointing) segments, On This Day and Beyond the News. Everything else in the show was just the names and suburbs of subscribers being read out, the hosts begging for money on the station’s behalf, and old KISS tracks. In spite of the self-evident fact that any or all of those things is probably as or more entertaining than the material presented here, all of that stuff has been omitted, as part of the ceaseless fight of AOTS against entertainment.


CLASSIFICATION WARNING – As this pelotoncast version is shorter than usual, there is less swearing and groin humour than usual. But there is still more than enough to offend all humans, so if you’re liable to be a bit touchy on that stuff, don’t listen.