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Sep 29, 2010


Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical Radio with Rob Jan.
This week: Pilots air on Melbourne Free-To-Air Interocitor for genre shows Caprica, Warehouse 13 and The Event.
Plus an interview with Melbourne Fringe Festival Show actors Tim and Frank from The Omega Quest.

For playlists, show...

Sep 28, 2010

This week's Einstein A Go Goers tell us how HIV hides out in the immune system, why the stegosaurus is set to lose its' name, how foam-like titanium implants are set to better fix our broken bones, and how satellites can be used to capture the solar wind and use it as an energy source.  We talk to Debra Kirkham from...

Sep 27, 2010

Rod Eggleston, director of March Studio joins us in the studio


March Studio


Howard Raggatt on the phone on ARM's proposal for the 'Portrait' tower at the CUB site for Grocon, a built image of the face of Aboriginal elder William Barak

Channel 10 news story

History of the idea (none of these built yet):

ARM William Barak Portrait Tower CUB site

Portrait tower, ARM,...

Sep 26, 2010

Spring+ Birds = our seasonal visit to the studio by 3RRR's resident birdman Sean Dooley and we also do our usual 'In my Garden' and answer a few gardening q's along the way.


Sep 26, 2010

Dr Beach, Dr Surf and Dave present this week's edition of Radio Marinara.

John Foss is on the phone to tell us about the exhibition currently at Surf World Surf Museum presenting the 1970s World Championships in pictures.

Jeff Maynard is back for another installment of Marine Soundscapes. This week offering up Zombies...