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Apr 30, 2009

For the Festival wrapup we are joined by Lawrence Mooney - winner of the piece of wood and Richard Watts, Reviewer extrodinaire, along with the old favorite, the gig guide

Apr 30, 2009

This week on Health Trip, naturopath Gill Stannard talks about whooping cough. While most of us would think this is a childhood disease in reality most of the cases in Australia are in adults, with about a third of all persistent coughs being caused by this bacteria.  Donna and Kujla chat to Gill about the "100 day...

Apr 29, 2009

This week we are thrilled to see the return of Ed Borland, who never does anything by halves and steps in as host while Phil Wales takes a well deserved break. Andrew Fish joins Ed to discuss the latest updates in IT and New Tech. Check out the Byte Into It blog to review all of the shows features. To have topics and...

Apr 28, 2009

Review Show

Melbourne Uni new Architecture building:

Another (Un)Loved Modern Conference

New Melbourne Uni Building by Métier 3

new building ‘Northbank Place' by Peddle Thorp


Apr 26, 2009

In this week's episode of Einstein A Go Go, Dr Andi, Dr Shane and Photon Ray speak with Dr Michael Brown from the School of Physics at Monash University about the formation and evolution of galaxies over cosmic timeframes. Photon Ray then talks about liquid marbles, or the possible uses of powder coated water droplets,...