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Oct 28, 2008

Interview with Neil Leach

The Greenhouse Project at Fed Sq by Joost and Antarctica.

Discussion of the VIEL project (The Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab)

Stuart on the phone from the TAKE7 launch at Monash University. TAKE 7 is 'Housing Australia: How Architects Can Make a Difference', edited by Geoffrey London and Simon Anderson


World Architecture Festival, Barcelona

Grafton Architects Universita Luigi Bocconi, Milan

Full list of winners

High Court of Australia, Canberra by Col Madigan wins 25 year award for 'enduring architecture'

Learning from Bob and Denise - documentary
9pm, 10th November at the Rooftop Cinema, to be introduced by Peter Corrigan.

Zaha's Chanel Pavilion in Central Park

Future Systems Split - Czech National Library looking in doubt...