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Feb 27, 2017

This week, Richard is in studio with Pippa Bailey and Alex Galeazzi, senior producer and co-director respectively of the cross-cultural play The Age of Bones. The Age of Bones (or Jaman Belulang, its Indonesian name) is a collaboration between Australian and Indonesian theatre-makers as part of AsiaTOPA. Pippa and Alex discuss the origins of the story, navigating collaboration between cultures and the processes behind creating this performance of puppetry, politics and satire, creating a bridge between Indonesia and Australia. 

Adam Simmons is in next to discuss the ultimate question, is art useful? His upcoming concert series, The Usefulness of Art,  with the Creative Music Ensemble and Michael Kieran Harvey includes the Australian premiere of his Concerto for Piano and Toy Band, and today he speaks to Richard about the juxtaposition of play and practice, avant garde and tradition, toys and instruments.

Finally, Camilla Blunden joins Richard to discuss her new work, All This Living!, a show about age, myth and women. Camilla talks about the issues surrounding age in society and the invisibility of women as they age, both in theatre and in daily life. This is Camilla's first major show as a solo writer, in which she tells the story of Jay, who wonders why she is gradually disappearing?