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Oct 27, 2018

Over the last week folks around the world have gone a bit ga-ga over extremely rare footage of a creature known as the ‘headless chicken seamonster’. The Australian Antarctic Division says this is the first time the unusual variety of sea cucumber has been filmed in the Southern Ocean, and only the second sighting in history. We’ll catch up with Dr Dirk Welsford from the Australian Antarctic Division to find out more about this elusive mysterious creature and the excitement surrounding its discovery. Neil Blake drops by to talk about his work with the St Kilda penguin study, joining forces with Scout groups around Port Phillip Bay to run plastic pollution audits for the Street2Bay project, and his new qualifications as a fully-fledged Drain Detective. Jacqui Younger gives us a report on a mighty combined effort by Sea Shepherd and Dive2U with a big dive clean up at Frankston Pier and Beach last week, plus a couple of key events to put in your calendars for the weeks ahead.