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May 26, 2019

Fam Charko presents ‘Plastic Litteracy’, a monthly exploration of the impact of plastics on our oceans, and some alternatives to their production and use. Tomorrow Fam will talk about how mushrooms can replace polystyrene packaging, and also methods of clean-up after oil spills. Then we’re joined by Lina and Christine, two science communication students from Deakin Uni. They’ll present a segment they’ve prepared just for us and you on adapting coral reefs for climate change.. Jeff Maynard presents Soundwaves meets Blow waves - TV shows from the 70s. In this one we discuss scuba tank safety, shipwrecks and bad mullets. Really bad mullets. Plus some cracking marine science from Dr Beach – another show about all things wet and salty just for you as you snuggle in on a late autumn Sunday morning.