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Mar 24, 2019

Rex Hunter gives us an update from the Maritime Archaeology Association of Victoria, plus some wrecks you can dive from the shore in Port Phillip. Terri gives us a dive report, plus a report on a diving tech conference she attended last week in Sydney. We then are joined by Surfrider Melbourne President Marvin Barker and Vice President Jonathan Taylor, and Fight for the Bight Campaigner Sean Doherty, to talk about the campaign to save the Great Australian Bight and half of Australia's coastline from the planned drilling by Norwegian company Equinor. We'll also talk about tomorrow's Melbourne predicted epic paddleout, all set from 2pm in St Kilda. Kade gives us a report on the Sea Slug Census. Also, we all know rock 'n roll ain't noise pollution - but what about boat noise? Kade will continue his discussion on noise in the ocean and the impact it can have.