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Oct 21, 2012

LA Larkin is an Australian thriller writer, and has set her latest epic adventure Thirst in Antarctica. It's a romp of a story that deftly blends the themes of climate change, geoscience, world domination, espionage and murder. And there's even a bit of romance chucked in for good measure. We'll be crossing live to Sydney to speak with LA Larkin about this fantastic read, and about her own experiences in Antarctica researching the material to write the book.

Simon Branigan, Marine and Coastal Campaign Co-ordinator from the Victorian National Parks Association joins us to talk about the VNPA's latest campaigns, including Saving Bastion Point, and the VNPA's 60th birthday celebrations.

And John returns from thesis write up land, and brings in fishy news, Marine Stewardship Council assessements, the listing of blue warehou as a threatened species, and Tassie salmon farm expansions.