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Jul 21, 2019

We’re somewhere near the half-way point in the annual whale migrations along Australia’s east coast, and Dave Donnelly (Killer Whales Australia) gives us a mid-season review of what’s been spotted and where, including reports of a match from Phillip Island to Port Stephens in NSW. Dave will also bring us up to speed on vessel regulations – with all the excitement of spotting whales, it’s a timely reminder of what the law says in terms of how close we humans are allowed to be to whales and dolphins.

If you’ve been listening to Radio Marinara for a while you’ll be familiar with the work of Sea Shepherd, passionate eco-activists who wholly dedicate themselves to defending whales and dolphins around the world from being hunted and killed in the waters that have been established to legally protect them. This work has now been documented in a magnificent film called ‘Defend, Conserve Protect’, narrated by Dan Aykroyd and made by Melbourne based film maker Stephen Amis. It opens this week in Melbourne, and we are thrilled to be speaking with Stephen Amis about his film and experiences with Sea Shepherd during their 4 months at sea on their 9th campaign ‘Zero Tolerance’.

Jeff Maynard brings us the July instalment of ‘Soundwaves meets Blow Waves’ – this month, in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Jeff brings us astronauts, sharks and sunken submarines… all in a 1970s TV show. Get ready for lift off!!

Plus Dr Beach brings us the latest news from the world of marine science, and Terri brings us a dive report from Portsea.