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Nov 18, 2018

Dr Surf is joined by Dr Garbage to talk about the Kazzie Awards, financial grants for women who are working to protect the environment through litter prevention. We discuss the 2018 winners and what you can do to apply for the 2019 grants. Then Bron and Dr Beach catch up with Dr Ben Radford from the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences to talk about how modelling points towards a troubled future for the kelps of Australia’s great Southern Reef - even under the most optimistic scenarios, ocean warming is likely to case substantial seaweed loss by 2100. What does this mean for the fish, invertebrates and other marine life that depend on kelp forests for their existence? Is there any hope at all? Kade reports on the 2018 Great Victorian Fish Count which kicked off today. And we will cross live to speak with Grainne MacGuire from Birdlife Australia who is busy counting birds from Victoria’s largest sand island.