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Mar 16, 2019

Dr Beach joins us for his first Marinara for 2019, exploring the latest in marine science in ‘Life’s a Beach’. Baykeeper Neil Blake talks about the ‘Grey to Green’ reef at Point Richards, installed 12 months ago by the City of Greater Geelong to address 15 years of Beach erosion. Neil has been busy looking at the effects of the reef, including doing some surveys to examine the intertidal sediment mollusc ecology. We catch up with Sean Doherty about this week’s developments in the Fight for the Bight campaign – have you got your comments in? Only 3 days remaining before public comments close. And Jeff Maynard joins us to talk about his new and very wonderful book ‘Antarctica’s Lost Aviator’ about Lincoln Ellsworth – a man who, according to Jeff, couldn’t navigate, didn’t like the cold, and avoided hard work. Really looking forward to finding out more about this unlikely polar explorer hero.