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Feb 16, 2019

We welcome back Dr Maddy McAllister from Heritage Victoria’s Maritime Heritage Unit at Heritage Victoria for an update on the excavation of the wreck of the Amazon, discovered last year on the beach at Inverloch. Then our Baykeeper Neil Blake joins us to report on the great Nurdle Hunt that took place around Port Phillip Bay last weekend. Neil will also update us on some interesting trends from the latest microplastics trawls in the Yarra and Maribyrnong Rivers, an update on the Street2Bay project, and his perspective on the recent Port Phillip Bay Forum Then marine educator Matt McArthur joins us to talk about Antarctic marine life (we’ll need a whole week for this!) and details on a talk he’s giving at Nerd Nite next week called 'Diving with the Kiwis among the Penguins'. Rex brings us the latest in news from the Maritime Archaeology Association of Victoria. Dr Surf will join us briefly to bang on about how great the surf is. And Terri Allen brings us a dive report if we can get her out of the water long enough to give us one!