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May 12, 2019

Neil Blake brings us the latest of marine citizen science around Port Phillip Bay, including some observations about those pesky Northern Pacific Seastars (yep they’re still around!), and Neil’s thoughts on their current and potential future management. Then we speak with David Cazzulino from the Australian Marine Conservation Society about next weekend’s federal election, potentially a critical turning point in how our nation’s leaders will protect our oceans, seas, estuaries and coasts. We’ll speak about the AMCS’ hot-off-the-press scorecard, an analysis of policies to protect Australia’s iconic oceans from climate change, pollution, and unsustainable fishing, which has revealed a stark contrast of policies from the major and some of the minor parties.
Then we cross from Cairns to Byron Bay to catch up with Sean Doherty about ‘Fight for the Bight’ campaign to prevent deep sea drilling in the Great Australian Bight by Norwegian company Equinor. News from the campaign both here and in Norway, plus Sean's summary of what the major parties are saying they'll do about the Bight if you vote for them. Plus a surf report from Dr Surf, and some cracking marine science from Dr Beach – big show!