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Feb 12, 2012

It's time to shake off the beach towels, head on down to the water and dive into the briny blue for another year of Radio Marinara!
To kick off 2012...

  • We catch up with the marathon efforts of the Save Bastion Point campaign and speak with Leo op den Brouw, live from Gabo Island. What's happened over the summer? Is Bastion Point saved? Has the Government lived up to its election promises? Should we dare to dream?

  • We then talk all things Port Phillip Bay - plenty reports in the papers - but what do they mean? Is the Bay as bad as the mainstream media would have us believe? Brett Illingworth shares his views.

  • Angeline peruses the latest batch of Australia Day Honours recipients, and presents those who've been honoured for their services to the marine, coastal and oceanic environment.

Plus a round up of news, what's on, and a forecast to the launch of our new segment 'That's my Beach' where YOU get to do the talking, and convince us that your beach beats them all.