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Feb 10, 2019

This weekend, hundreds of wooden boats from all around the world have converged upon beautiful Hobart for the Australian Wooden Boat Festival - an exciting celebration of rich maritime culture. We’ll cross Bass Strait to speak with Brett Ditchfield, live on location in Hobart to tell us all about it. Then Hilary McNevin joins us in studio to talk about ‘Conversations in the Littoral’ - a panel-based exploration of the sustainability, science and practicalities of primary producer life as part of next weekend's Apollo Bay Seafood Festival. Jeff Maynard brings us the first ‘Soundwaves’ for the year. Jeff's 2019 theme – 'Where Soundwaves meets blowaves'. Yup. We’re tipping big hair, big shoulder pads, and big drama. And, Kade brings us the latest in marine news. So much to cover, so little time!