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Sep 8, 2019

Hoist the sails! Our brand new sailing reporter Brett Ditchfield brings us his inaugural segment ‘Cabin Boy Diaries’. Brett will talk about the myths and mysteries of crossing Bass Strait in a small yacht. Got a question for Brett about this? Post it below and we’ll ask him for you.
We catch up with AJ on the Mornington Peninsch about this week’s diving options, plus news of a very special cleanup event happening next weekend in Frankston. Holy great trashbags Batman!
Then, Dave Donnelly (Killer Whales Australia) is back from Tonga to talk about the ethics of whale swim tourism and the revision of the Tongan whale swim regulations, plus an update on the whale migration patterns.
And Kade brings us ‘Dragon Quest’ – Marinara’s answer to D&D. Kade will be joined by some wonderful students from Melbourne Uni to talk about this wonderful citizen science project led by the VNPA, where people are invited to share photographs of weedy seadragons found in Port Phillip Bay to help monitor population numbers and movements.