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Aug 4, 2019

Marine Protection meets Marine Science!

Have you ever seen a sea creature and wondered ‘What on earth is that?’ If the animal or plant is from Port Phillip Bay, the answer to that question can now be at your fingertips! Dr Jacqui Pocklington (Parks Victoria) will tell us all about a brand new guide to the marine life found in Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park.

Then we speak with Dr Dustin Marshall (Monash University) about an exciting new research paper he has had published in the Ecological Society of America journal ‘Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment’. Dustin and his co-authors believe that the benefits of marine protected areas are actually being underestimated. Exciting news for marine conservation.

And to celebrate National Science week, Museums Victoria are gearing up for an exciting week of exploration and discovery. We’ll speak with Dr Robin Wilson, Senior Curator of Marine Invertebrates at Museum Victoria, about National Science Week at Museums Victoria, the ‘Living Wonders’ Morning Seminars and some of the great wet ‘n salty activities that you’ll not want to miss!