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Sep 2, 2018

Wow - after that whirlwind of a radiothon fortnight (for us) Dr Beach and Anth will be in with some old fashioned, calm chatter about all things sciency, marine and coastal.

First up we will catch up on the all interesting marine news and views from the last week or two.... from a possibly new island in the Gulf of Arabia to Russian nuclear power plants to the upcoming Pacific Island forum.

Then we go from BIG to small... this week the Bureau of Meteorology released the new three month climate outlook and confirmed the El Nino likelihood as "Watch" looking like moving up higher. We'll have a look at the two biggest ocean movements that impact us - the ENSO and the IOD.

And then go small and oozy. What is a diatom ooze and where do you see one? Dr Beach brings us a focus on the latest science in the diatom ooze world. very small...