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Dec 2, 2018

Dr Beach and Anth are back in the studio together for tomorrow's RM. And they have a hugely diverse show.

Terri is over in SA just about to heading into a Cave to dive - she will join us from the water's edge for a diving update. Anth is back from OS and survived the floods in Venice - he is wondering how we will bounce back to big tides and storm surges.

Dr Rebecca McKintosh and Ross Holmberg from the Phillip Island Nature Reserve will be back into the RM studio 6 months after launching Sealspotters - a citizen science program for seal research. It has gone gang busters!

Dave Donnelly joins us to talk about whale strandings - there has been an upswing recently in our region. Why?

And of course, the latest marine science in Life's a Beach - SO packed!