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Mar 11, 2019

In the studio today is Chris KP, Dr Jen and Dr Euan; Not in the studio today... Dr Shane!

In science news this week Dr Jen discusses bears. More specifically, Black bears and the unfortunate influence access to human food is having on their ability to hibernate.

First Guest: Associate Professor Yanan Fan from the school of mathematics and statistics at UNSW.

The topic of discussion is the ongoing study being done through surveying students into the ratings of their teachers in terms of performance. Furthermore is there a bias or differing results based on the gender of said teacher?

Second Guest: Dr Karen Rowe - Museum Victoria

Dr Rowe joins the team to discuss the study being done involving bird sounds and the use of these sounds to better gather data on different bird species without having to physically lay eyes on them.

The team finish to show off running through some recent news and insight into areas such as - Sleep; why is it so important? Smart Skin; are we getting closer to being able to change our skin colour like a cuttlefish? and the science behind being a hipster.

---- Remember,.. Science is everywhere!

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