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Sep 8, 2018

Einstein A Go Go – 2nd September 2018

Dr Linden, Dr Ray & Dr Shane

News items: El Niño, Southern Oscillation and the ENSO, Human induced earthquakes, CRISPR,

First guest: Levin Kuhlmann, PhD Centre for Human Psychopharmacology Swinburne University of Technology & Departments of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering The University of Melbourne. Epileptic seizure prediction techniques, more HERE

Second guest: Dr Nicki Cranna Project Officer - Neuroscience PhD Program | Project Manager (Communications) Melbourne Neuroscience Institute | Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences The University of Melbourne. SquareCell provides visual solutions for complex scientific and medical concepts. From journal cover art, illustrative figures, animations and interactive content, we aim to highlight the incredible beauty of the natural world and communicate the latest advances in cutting-edge research. Science communication HERE

Extra news items: The 2018 Eureka prize finalists.

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