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Feb 28, 2018

In the studio this week Dr Shane is joined by EAGG colleagues Dr Ray & Dr Krystal.

The team kick things off with some Science News:

The team discuss the use of Sentinel hives in Australia to protect our biodiversity, an upcoming experiment involving a mega sized black hole to better prove Einstein's theory of general relativity and archaeogenetics; specifically comparing domesticated and wild horses.

First Guest: Andrew Katsis - Behavioural Ecologist at Deakin University.

Andrew joins the team in the studio to discuss recent studies into the communication and learning of birds whilst still an embryo.

Second Guest: Jessica Miller - Murdoch Children's research institute.

Jessica and the team discuss the pro's and con's of mothers taking antibiotics during pregnancy.

Wrapping things up the team share some more science news:

On what is an ever exciting 3RRR BBQ day, the team discuss both the event and;

We gain insight and hear about recent study into waterborne diseases and more specifically the testing processes, ethical dilemmas and risks involved with such testing.

The team finishes up discussing recent news of Neanderthal artwork found in Spain.

---- Remember,.. Science is everywhere!

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