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Sep 1, 2019

In the studio this week are Drs Linden, Ray, Laura and Shane who discuss what's been in the news:
Evolutionary Biology island effect on Alor, Indonesia in an ANU studyuse of VR in pain management; Hayabusa2 spacecraft lands MASCOT probe on Ryugu (a 900m asteroid); and Dr Laura is one of this year's Eureka Prize-winners for outstanding early career researcher.

Today's first guest Professor Sharon Lewin (in the studio) from the Doherty Institute talks about her research in HIV and hepatitis, the Doherty Institute and the Institute's anniversary.

Today's second guest Dr Hui-Fern Koay (in the studio) from the University of Melbourne talks about her work with T-cells in particular MAIT cells.

There is a Anniversary lecture at the Doherty Institute on the 9th Sep. "Pandemics, pathogens and the environment".

Remember, “Science is everywhere”, including:

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