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May 19, 2019

Dr Linden and Dr Lauren join Dr Shane in the studio.

Earth’s moon could be tectonically active, peacock spiders, dangerous infections being caused by biofilms.

Three guests who are speaking at the Pint of Science (bringing science to the public - in the pub) event.
1. Dr Georgia Atkin-Smith, Cell Biologist at the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science, and the Walter and Eliza Hall for Medical Research.
Georgia’s research is focused on the death of monocytes, a key white blood cell type of our immune system. She is interested in understanding what happens in the final moments of a cells death, and how this impacts their removal and infectious disease.
2. Dr David Farmer, Neurobiologist at the University of Melbourne.
David’s research largely focuses on neurobiology and the brain stem. He is also widely interested in the neural control of the heart, the coordination of vital organ function by the autonomic nervous system, the cough reflex and neural control of the innate immune response.
3. Dr Jennifer Piscionere, Data Scientist at Swinburn University of Technology
Jen’s research focuses on exploring the relationship between galaxies and dark matter, and how that shapes the universe that we see today.