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Feb 17, 2014

Einstein A Go Go 16th Feb 2014


News items: A Newly invented material beating all strength to weight ratios. 19 Billion dollars a year is the estimation of the illegal wildlife trade. How many elephants are poached each day? Find out the new tech being used to thwart these crimes. Who is Paul Ekman? What can he tell you about the look on your face? The National Ignition Facility has some exciting new claims about fusion.

First guest: Associate Professor Clare Scott from The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. The institute’s ovarian cancer research program, led by clinician scientist Associate Professor Clare Scott, is discovering how ovarian cancer develops, and designing better ways to detect and treat ovarian cancer. As part of this, researchers are working to develop new strategies to match individuals with ovarian cancer with the best treatment for their disease, and to discover genetic changes that make some ovarian cancers resistant to conventional chemotherapy.

Second guest: Dr Alan Duffy from the School of Physics, University of Melbourne talks about a really old star, like a 13 Billion years old star.


“It's a pretty awesome find, truly a needle in a haystack (as rare as about 1 in 60million stars). This star tells us about the nature of the early universe, long before our galaxy the Milky Way itself was formed (these stars act as time capsules from the time they formed, taking a sample of the gas around it at those early times).

Third guest: Katy Mueller from The Centre of Research Excellence in Child Language, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute talks about, well, TALKING!! Get the latest info about the genetic link to speech and language development.