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Dec 21, 2014

To finish a big year of food on Triple R we were joined in the studio by Joost Bakker. According to Joost, we should make 2015 the year of composting - in fact, over 100 restaurants in Melbourne are already sending their organic waste back to growers where it can make a positive difference rather than just ending up in landfill. And it's not just for restaurateurs; you can get a small version of the same compost systems they use from Closed Loop(and probably some other places too!)

Next up we had a final market report from John at the Queen Victoria Market.

And to round off the year, the redoubtable Sebastian Reaburn joined us to talk about that great party drink, punch. You don't need a punchbowl to make it (in fact, you can even use a washing machine, assuming you are slightly insane), and don't fret about whether your recipe is "wrong"... the great thing about punch is that there's no such thing! Does it taste good? Excellent! Punchtime!