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Mar 29, 2007

This week Byte Into It is hosted by Ed Borland (linux) with Andrew Fish (legal).

This weeks Byte Into It looks at the latest IT news and events with the boys providing their own viewpoints on the Digital Radio debate, they ponder the release of ubuntu v7....7.04 that is, and also focus on their own areas of expertise including Andrew with some interesting legal updates and Ed looking at all things Linux...or shall he dare to step into our resident Gamer Mike Banticks territory and talk all things PS3 instead?  Subscribe now..

PS3 and Yellow dog linux

Byte Into It broadcasts live from Melbourne Australia on Wednesdays at 7pm AEST on 3RRR (102.7fm).  To Stream, access pod cast information, or to find out more about Australias favourite commmunity radio station, go to

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