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Aug 30, 2019

For the last week of August, Tai Snaith joins Breakfasters to talk about her new book “You Might Find Yourself” and her event at Melbourne Writers Festival; Australian comedian and actor Dave Lawson is back in the studio to talk about the fourth season of Award-winning satirical comedy show Utopia; Gez shares a story from her visit to the pub which somehow results in an impromptu round of Jeopardy; An interview with American comedian Fred Armisen includes tales from the Blue Man Group, the nuisance of buying LPs on holiday, and his love for Australia; By popular demand, Sarah, Daniel and Gez review their latest dinners; Roz Ward joins the crew to discuss the potential significances for LGBTI+ communities ahead of the No Right to Discriminate rally against the Federal Government's proposed Religious Discrimination legislation; “On The Other Side of Freedom” author DeRay Mckesson has a chat before his upcoming event at MWF. And to wrap up this big week, Australian music legend Paul Kelly rocks up to share his thoughts on his new album Thirteen Ways to look at Birds.