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Mar 22, 2019

The team is back together in their full glory, and this week’s Breakfasters is packed with good stuff. We start off with a talk with Tom Griffith and his new essay ”The Planet is Alive – Radical History for Uncanny Times”. The team chats about work superpowers and weird skills learned from random jobs over the years. RONE is in the studio to talk about his installation Empire at Burnham Beeches, and the concept of art that you can move through, smell and feel as well as see. Film reviews are always fun, but Hayley Inch’s review of High Life (2018) is something quite else. Speaking of film, Melbourne Queer Film Festival is on and Drew Droege, who features in Bright Colors and Bold Patterns (2018), talks to the team about queer villains and ideal weddings. We finish up the week reminiscing about the all too familiar feeling of getting in trouble.