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Jun 21, 2019

Sarah is back from Italy, and the trio is finally whole again. Sarah shares observations from her Italian holiday with Daniel and Geraldine. They follow up by having a really great talk with Richard Lowenstein about his new documentary “Mystify: Michael Hutchence”.  Geraldine has attended the final training of footy prior to the game between the Megahertz and the Rockdogs, and shares some of her feelings about playing for the first time. Paola Bella is an Indigenous writer, artist and curator, and chats to Breakfasters about opening this year’s Emerging Writer’s Festival with her event, Speaking Truth to Power. Michael Harden joins the trio for this week’s Food Interlude, and talks about the ethical procurement of Indigenous game meat. Sarah, Daniel and Geraldine also shares some interesting tales about octopus, including fascination and fear. Tony Birch’s new novel, The White Girl, is set in south-eastern Australia and focuses on an extraordinary Indigenous woman. Tony stops by Breakfasters this week to talk about his own personal experience with the community that is the foundation of his book.