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Mar 15, 2019

Sarah has been away this week, but that has not stopped the Breakfasters having fun. We kick things off with a new Food Interlude, and this week Michael Harden is in the studio to talk about the food Jeff describes as eating a spoonful of spit, but is actually a proven aphrodisiac. Speaking of food, Johanna Simkin from Melbourne Museum and the exhibition "Gut Feelings: Your Mind, You Microbes" and how your guts and mind could possibly talk to each other. How can you actually be nice to strangers? Apparently a tiny village in Northern Spain has the best answer. And the best way to finish the week is, of course, Friday Funnybugger. This week Nat Harris gets Jeff, Geraldine and Sam to do a role play about hospitality work. Find out if the customer is really always right in this week's podcast!