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Mar 8, 2019

This week’s Breakfasters offer hard-hitting discussions and light-hearted conversations. We start off in the serious corner as the show is visited by Kassem Eid, who talks about the Arab Spring, his life prior to the war and his book “My Country: A Syrian Memoir”. All eyes are on R Kelly after a six-part documentary Surviving R Kelly (2019) investigates the sexual abuse allegations against him, and US film producer Tamra Simmons joins the Breakfasters to discuss the difficulties involved in making the series. “Wrestle!” is a new children’s picture book from the creator of award-winning documentary Gayby Baby (2016), and Maya Newell is in the studio to discuss growing up with LGBTQ parents, the lack of LGBTQ representation in children's books and what it is like co-writing a book with a seventeen-year-old. To celebrate International Women’s Day, Geraldine and Sarah are joined by Fee B Squared to talk about the first time they got their periods. And finally, Friday Funny Bugger wraps it all up with Laura Dunemann and her list of Top Ten Influential Women.