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May 30, 2012

On this week's Byte:

May 29, 2012


Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical Radio with Rob Jan. This week: kickin' back and having a yarn with Jim Beaver, U.S American actor and writer, who played Ellsworth in Deadwood, and also Bobby Singer in Supernatural, amongst many other roles. Also, talking with Travis...

May 28, 2012

The Innkeepers, Bel Ami and Men in Black 3 are reviewed, plus the team discuss sequels. With Thomas Caldwell, Josh Nelson and Tara Judah.

May 28, 2012

On this week's podcast:

Ginger Briggs reviews Susan Cain's 'Quiet - The Power Of Introverts'. 

We talk to Sea Shephard Senior Engineer Brian Race

Josh Earl's Bucket List looks at 'serenading' and 'breaking the rules'.

Fat Albatrosses come under the microscope (well so to speak) with Sean The Birdman Dooley.

And Dr Doug...

May 27, 2012

Rachel NeesonKejtil Thorsen and Kevin Carmody (Experience Conference #2)

above: Neeson Murcutt, Prince Alfred Park Pool


above: Windermere Steamboat Museum, Carmody Groake

Mission to Seafarers Lecture Series



·          The shortlisted finalists of the design competitionCAPITheticAL will be announced...