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Sep 30, 2011

This week we here from both local and international guets.

First up Caitlin Park drops by while visiting from Sydney on the Incoming show.

We then go to a interview from Alicia Sometimes and here multi talented guest Kimya Dawson.

And Richard Moffat chats to the creative force behind 6 peice outfit The May Dreamers -...

Sep 28, 2011

Tonight on Byte: An Interview with Tom & James from Kumobius game developers on their latest release 'Bean's Quest', plus social media news and discussion from the week.

Presented by Paul Callghan, Warren Davies and Vanessa Toholka.

Sep 28, 2011

Tallman hosts the show which has special guest Francessca from "the conversation" to discuss reporting of health issues.  SK covers alzheimers disease, Anabolics discusses Jeff Kennett's recent comments on gay marriage and McZiff finishes with depression.

Sep 28, 2011

Laurel hosts Digga and Bushy as they discuss some of the unusual vegetables that you can grow in your garden this spring.  They also cover the happenings in their gardens and give advice to callers.

Sep 27, 2011

Dr Shane, Dr Fiona and Dr Adam celebrate a stupendously massive week in science! Neutrinos apparently travelling faster than light set to shake the fundamental laws of physics, and the Australian Aboriginal genome reveals just how long ago their ancestors set off for Australian shores. Dr Fiona talks about probing solar...