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Jan 30, 2009

This weeks program includes interviews with TV on the Radio, Joe Henry and Juana Molina.

Jan 29, 2009

Phil Wales welcomes you back for another great year of IT news, tips and sneaky tricks from the Byte Into It crew at Triple R. For the first show of the year, we manage to fit the whole team into the studio for your listening pleasure. Check out the Byte Into It blog to review all of the shows features. To have topics...

Jan 25, 2009

Broadcast episode three brings wine writer extraordinaire, Jane Faulkner, as she pops in to say g’day and show the blokes a thing or two about wine stuff, and Matt Harrop from Shadowfax shows off his amazing knowledge of wine and sense of humour.  Have a drink!

Jan 21, 2009

This final installment we'll hear from the wonderful Catherine Deveny whose second book "Say When" has just been published. Helen Szoke from the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission paid a visit to the studio on the eve of the 60th anniversay of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights....

Jan 20, 2009

Health Trip is back, and this week Donna, Kulja and Gill kick off its seventeenth year with some serious talk about Iron, what's it for, are we getting enough of it, how do we get more of it and what the difference is between the iron we get from meat and that which we get from vegetables.

Caller questions this week...