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Oct 28, 2013

Dr Shane, Dr Dyani, Dr Adam, Dr Krystal

News Items: The evolution of venom resistance and what it might mean for chronic pain sufferers.

Money trees!..well not quite. Find out which trees absorb gold and how this process might affect future exploration of minerals.

An 11 thousand year old calendar, the new/old Religion and the star that started it all.

Crustacean hunting habits and their venomous digestion.

First Guest

Kim Watkins from the Orangutan Foundation International takes us on tour with tales from Borneo and the palm oil trade.

Second Guest

Dr Richard Peters LaTrobe University, a behavioural biologist with an interest in the visual ecology of animals.  

Extra news item:

Hayfever, Irritants, allergic reactions and possible biological future proofing from venom.