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May 30, 2010

For centuries scientists have speculated as to the purpose of the distinctive shell of the Argonaut octopus. In an important breakthrough, Museum Victoria scientists Dr Julian Finn and Dr Mark Norman have now demonstrated that the argonaut shell is a buoyancy device that allows the octopus to ascend and descend through the water column. Dr Julian Finn will drop in to explain the significance of this very exciting story.
And in this month’s Life’s a Beach, we shed light on bioluminescence, the glow that is emitted by many different creatures in the oceans, and take a look at the consequences of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico - the US’s greatest environmental disaster.

Neil Blake (Bay Keeper of Port Phillip Bay) gives us the latest on sand erosion in the Bay, and some concerning developments with the penguins of St Kilda.
Plus news, weather and Brett's unmissable dive report.

Enjoy the salty and dulcet tones of Bron, Dr Beach, John and team RM.