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May 6, 2012

Jon Duthie will join us from Barwon Heads to talk about an innovative session next weekend at Barwon Bluff for marine volunteers from across the Victorian coastline to come toether and talk about how they interact with their patch of marine protected area or beach. Called "sharing the love", we'll share some love about it... Then Calling Clarence from the Clarence! The "dig" is on and we join them live at the site this Sunday. Cassandra Philippou brings us a live cross to Mike Nash, the Tasmanian state govt maritime archaeologist, who will be live at the Clarence (or at least above it!). Finally, last week saw the Victorian Coastal Awards announced at the Melbourne Zoo. RM reporter Anth was there and we will talk with Liz Patterson, Executive Officer, about the wonderful winners and all the great volunteer things they do along the coast of Victoria. Everything from Watson's Ck weeds, foxes on Phillip Island to birds nesting on beaches and beautiful functional public buildings... join us to hear more.