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Apr 21, 2017

This week's episode of Byte Into It, hosted by Warren, Cassie and James, talking about all things technology.

Our guests this week are Kate Reid and Jordan Murray, two of the creators of the new Supp application, a networking application dealing with hospitality staffing concerns.

Followed by another interview...

Apr 7, 2017

This weeks episode has Simon, Jo and Vanessa in the studio to talk about this week in technology.

Our interview this week is with author Craig Collie on his new non-fiction book Code Breakers: Inside the shadow world of signals intelligence in Australia’s two Bletchley Parks.

Mar 31, 2017

This week's show is with Warren, Laura and Dan in the studio, talking all things technology.

Our guests this week are Alexar Pendashteh, on the Free and Open source Software Developers European Meeting (FOSDEM)

Followed by Anna Madeleine & Dr Renee Beale...

Mar 31, 2017

This week's interview with Vanessa and Cassie is Betty Sargeant, a digital artist who looks at how storytelling is changing in the digital age.

She will be exhibiting a piece during Melbourne Knowledge Week in May. Called The Playground, it is an interactive media art project that involves the general public.


Mar 17, 2017

Warren and Jo in the studio today, talking all things technology, computing and the internet.

Our guests today are Kati Elizabeth and Lindsay Rattray, the producer and product developer of the new VR Scout app for Victoria University.