In the penultimate and also second-last episode, Stew gives what Australian showbiz has been waiting for – his Ultimate Dim Sim Award – then plaintively explains that, quote – Dim Sims are a big part of my life.  Following this extensive survey, Larry notes to Stew – That was epic, and at the end of it, I nearly understood what you were saying.

Finally, in reference to the following (and final) show’s outside broadcast, Stew is underwhelmed by Larry’s description that it could be a good time so why not come along, and Larry is less than dazzled that of all the exotic locations possible, somehow they ended up choosing the pub across the road.

CLASSIFICATION WARNING – You know, there may be slightly less swearing and rudey rottenness in this episode than usual, but it could just be that we forgot it, so if you’re liable to be offended, assume you would be and don’t listen.

Direct download: All-Over-The-Shop-20121206.mp3
Category:All Over The Shop -- posted at: 8:17pm AEDT

Larry suggests the final outside broadcast show two weeks after this one should be entitled – And Good Riddance. Stew reveals his idea for entertainment on that show – he will sign the expression – two pots please – in Auslan. Leapster presents his suggestions for the worst Kris Kringle gifts ever, including edible handcuffs and remote-controlled jumping fake vomit. Stew, motivated by Lord knows what, does a League’s Club level piece of humour re Larry’s supposed relationship abilities and then MIMES drum-based punctuation of the gag, on the radio. Larry describes Stew’s witticism as undetectable as humour in any known language. Scurvy ballast throughout.


CLASSIFICATION WARNING – What with the swearing and the groin jokes, it’s pretty ratty throughout.

Direct download: All-Over-The-Shop_-_20121129.mp3
Category:All Over The Shop -- posted at: 3:26pm AEDT

All Over The Shop - 22 November 2012

Stew refers to the All Over The Shop franchise, stunning Larry who points out that usually a franchise is something that makes money. For the first time in aeons somebody mentions the show Beverly Hills Buntz in public. Leapster has to explain to Stew that actors typically play someone who is different from them, by means of pretending. Stew determines you can’t trust actors. In one of the more heartstring tugging moments of genuine emotion on the show, listen out for Larry’s reaction to the news that the AOTS text-message phone has bitten the dust. 


CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Apart from all the usual concerns about swearing words and groin-level concepts, all of Norm Buntz, Andy Sipowitz and the movie career of David Caruso are mentioned on this plodcatse.

Direct download: All-Over-The-Shop-20121122.mp3
Category:All Over The Shop -- posted at: 10:35am AEDT

Cutting straight to the chase to kill the vibe even earlier than usual, Stew and Larry announce early on in this episode that the show is finishing up for good on December 13th.

In addition on the plodecasp, it is suggested that Michael Frente (or Frenti, whichever it is) lives in Leo Sayer’s basement, that RRR alumnus and Melbourne broadcaster Tom Elliott wears a full suit in the bath, and that the RRR program manager wore through 42 hallway carpets and one head of hair directly as a result of All Over The Shop’s tenure on air.


CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Well, quite frankly it’s full of rude, borderline filthy and extremely puerile stuff all the way through. But it’s worth it for when Big Stew describes the men swanning around in their suits at the Spring Carnival races as, and we quote – Thinking they’re a million bucks when really they’re a packet of chips and a Mars Bar. Excelsior!

Direct download: All-Over-The-Shop-20121115.mp3
Category:All Over The Shop -- posted at: 11:31pm AEDT

All Over The Shop - 08 November 2012

This week's show was a music show, so podcasts will resume next week.

Category:All Over The Shop -- posted at: 11:35am AEDT

Stew questions Larry as to the meaning of the term Apocryphon, and Larry suggests this is something that turns out famous but largely made-up stories when you crank a handle on the side of it. Leapster investigates somewhat mystifying and unseasonal football talk in the segment that had to be called Out of the Mouths of Boobs. But the centrepiece of today’s disaster is a long, rambling but fortunately rarely coherent interview with Ross and Dean from the band the Cosmic Psychos, in which Stew Takes Charge of the whole affair, and much to Larry’s amusement, is completely bamboozled by the Psychos guys persistently holding up large squares of cardboard with swear words and rude drawings on them. Includes a memorable tale of Stew – a fill-in roadie for the band at that time – on their travels once sleeping through an entire town they were traversing, which wouldn’t be so remarkable if he hadn’t been driving the van at the time. * Good times, great taste.


CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Filthy language in sporadic bursts, the war gets mentioned a couple of times and nobody gets away with it, the usual general sordidness, plus extra sordidity verbally refracted from cardboard cards held up in the studio. Also may include Apocryphon.  

Direct download: All-Over-The-Shop-20121101.mp3
Category:All Over The Shop -- posted at: 6:03am AEDT

All Over The Shop - 25 October 2012

Experience all the wash-up, and upchuck, from the Robert Hunter Cup charity footy match festerivities, and also the RRR post-Radiothong party, or even better, don’t experience it, and just listen to the knot-heads that went along and survived both, Big Stew and Leaping Larry. Also find out how the German Crusaders felt hundreds of years ago after being completely annihilated as opposed to just annihilated, and what that might have in common with Stew who after the main event on Radiothon party night, kicked on with the stragglers and, as witnessed right here in this plodecaste, patently can’t remember which bar he kicked on to. Also, the adventures of the Excitable Bernard, Stew’s pooch, and bask in the most obvious joke possible during the On This Day segment, as Russia is seized by the Bolsheviks. Darn painful, that.


CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Rated R-Blimey for language, X-cessive for dunny and crotch-related humour and F for entertainment.

Direct download: All-Over-The-Shop-20121025.mp3
Category:All Over The Shop -- posted at: 9:45pm AEDT

All Over The Shop - 18 October 2012

When Larry gets all cranked out over the dictionary changing its definition of the word misogyny in line with the latest in Spring fashion, Stew gets all official right back at him and uses the grandiose, non-Stew-like expression Wheels of Change, perhaps misquoting an old Scorpions lyric. Leapster also flies off the handle when he discovers accidentally that the electricity works in this state, but the people distributing it and the other folks who are meant to oversee them distributing it don’t quite work at all. Plus Stew decides his co-broadcaster is becoming Derryn Hinch, and downright unpleasant claim is made about the Samuel Morse and telegraphic cable. All the usual magic, unfortunately.


CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Rife with bad language and gutter humour, and those may well be the good points.

Direct download: All-Over-The-Shop-20121018.mp3
Category:All Over The Shop -- posted at: 7:24pm AEDT

The Chaps-au-Shop have a brilliant brain-wave of conducting a BBQ sauce taste-off, which consists of them stuffing their gobs and talking with their mouths full for 20 minutes of scintillating prodgrasp time. Also, Larry concludes his TV Minus the Pictures session with a round-up of moments from 2012 television including the extremely unlikely-sounding AFL telecast now known as The Quasimodo Incident. And details are revealed of the Spectaco-Bowl, a purported roller derby encounter between circus clowns and monkeys. Then Stew says Monkeys again, out of context, and amuses himself.


CLASSIFICATION WARNING – Swearing words, gutter concepts and more masticating on air than you necessarily need to hear, and we said masticating. No actual monkeys were harmed during the fictitious roller derby encounter conducted on this programme. At least that we know about. Well, maybe Lance Armstrong harmed one. We haven’t yet waded through all of the transcripts.

Direct download: All-Over-The-Shop-20121011.mp3
Category:All Over The Shop -- posted at: 7:05pm AEDT

Stew reveals his adventures in hosting extravagant (well, pub-based) grand final occasions, and explains how a post-show beer is vital to success in breakfast radio. Larry runs a verbal tank through TV Wonderland, and gives the little-known background detail behind the invention of the smokeless toilet.


CLASSIFICATION WARNING – The usual swear-fest, plus additional toilet references if anything.

Direct download: All-Over-The-Shop-20121004.mp3
Category:All Over The Shop -- posted at: 4:41pm AEDT

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