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Apr 28, 2013

On this week's Byte:

Interview with Simon Jackson of Esri Australia on his Twitter map of Melbourne, which showcases different languages and profanity. (Link: Simon's blog post about the project.)


  • The Bundestag (German Parliament) has adopted a motion against granting software patents.
  • The US House of Representatives passes CISPA despite mostly opposing it last year.
  • Google Glass about a year away for consumers.
  • 'Digilantes' crowd-source justice in the wake of the Boston bombings last week. While law enforcement agencies look for answers do sites like Reddit, 4chan and Liveleak help or hinder the process?


  • The Secret World of Codes and Cryptography Part of the Laneway Learning program, Monday 29 April, Ferdydurke, 8-9:15pm.
  • Registrations open for Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation hack days in Melbourne and Sydney. Workshop ideas with peers and be mentored by key professionals in the industry including CSIRO, Intel, NBN Co and NICTA. Sydney 11 May, Melbourne Saturday 18 May, 9-5
  • Web Directions Code, 2-3 May