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Dec 28, 2012

In the last show of the year an almost full crew of Olive, Laurel, Digga, Huen  and Stan discuss their gardens, gift ideas and cycling in the bush.  They also give advice to heaps of callers.  

Dec 20, 2012

On the 45th and final shows for 2012 Dr Krystal and Dr Lauren (now with glasses!) join Dr Shane in the studio. Dr Ray pops in, and on the phone is Andrea from the BOM and Dr Jennifer from New York.

On this special edition of Einstein A Go Go, the gang discuss their highlights from the year in science including the...

Dec 18, 2012

In the last Radiotherapy show of 2012, Dr Russ Harris, author of the The Happiness Trap joins Autonomy, Malice and Miss Medic for a chat. Plus the team also discuss issues surrounding stress and also talk about common health risks associated with the holiday period. Thanks for listening to the Radiotherapy...

Dec 18, 2012

Because it's the end of the year, we're giving you two podcasts for your listening pleasure rather than the normal one for this week (althoiugh in reality, we're just catching up in shows)! This episode is from the 2nd of December. On this show Samuel Shem, author of The House of God drops in for a chat, and...