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Mar 7, 2012

On Byte tonight: Windows 8, Google's new privacy policy, an interview with Brett Smith from the Free Software Foundation and Warren's social media wrap up featuring an introduction to Klout. 

Presented by Kent Humphries, Dave Slutzkin, Vanessa Toholka & Warren Davies.

Mar 7, 2012


Life Architecturally documentary airs on ABC TV, directed by Britt Arthur


We talk to Robert Crocker on his new book 'Designing for Zero Waste' - seminar details here

Why Weng Shu? Domus article here

Architects need to lobby the Australian Govt Office for the Arts... take this important survey



Mar 7, 2012

In this episode Lorin speaks to Ewan Morrison, Dionne Brand and Chris Flynn.

Lorin talks to Ewan Morrison all the way on the other side of the world in sunny Scotland. Ewan is a writer of novels, short stories and television. He speaks to Lorin about his thoughts on the self-epublishing bubble and about his work over...